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Tim and Kathy Crosby are the award-winning duo Phoenix

The Duo

Based in Salem, Oregon - the folk pop duo Phoenix consists of award-winning songwriters Tim and Kathy Crosby - who have been performing together for well over 20 years.  They have collaborated on several albums and are known far and wide for their songwriting abilities and entertainment style.  

Tim and Kathy have performed together from Las Vegas to Nashville, in venues large and small.  Being compared to the likes of Willie Nelson, Gillian Welch, and David Rawlings - Phoenix rises in the joy of a sound that highlights the multi-instrumental talents of both musicians while focusing on a variety of vocal styles and abilities.  

Known as the "talent" of the duo as he is proficient on any instrument with strings, Tim Crosby spends his days teaching a variety of students the joy of playing a musical instrument.  His private classes take place in both Salem and Corvallis Oregon.

The "personality" of the couple is Kathy Crosby, who not only manages Phoenix, but spends her days teaching piano lessons in the Salem, Oregon area.  In addition to this she is a GrammyU Mentor, writer, public speaker, consultant, and musical advocate.  Currently she serves as the  President of the Oregon Festival and Events Association.

"Good musicians and song writers will have a room tapping their feet and laughing one minute, then choked-up and almost in tears the next song. Tim and Kathy have that superpower."

Mark Wigg, Politician
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